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Plywood is a wooden product. It is made from many types of trees, especially birch, and is used in different applications. It is the most widely used method for making furniture we use in our homes and offices, as well as for other applications such as building construction, boat building, shipbuilding, or woodwork.

Waterproof plywood is an engineering product of Russian or Ukrainian origin and has very high strength. Nearly 70 sectors, especially construction, furniture, hobby, toy, automotive, etc. sectors, are frequently used. This product, made of birch wood, is used in humid environments and areas where water is in contact, due to its durability.

So you can review our plywood application page to see the application and common uses areas of plywood.

In the manufacture of waterproof plywood, thin-slice wood veneers are obtained from the layers of trees. Billets are mounted on a lathe and rotated about their longitudinal axis while a cutter strips a thin layer of the billet. (similar to peeling fruit and vegetables).

Glue is applied to the wooden coatings (layers), that is, all of these peeled parts using adhesive sprinklers, and the layers are placed on top of each other. Then it enters the hot press machine and the plywood layers are pressed tightly. Thus, it creates a strong bond between the layers and they do not break. Thus, a plywood board is produced.

The best-known waterproof plywood / marine plywood is BIRCH PLYWOOD. You can see the technical features of birch plywood click the link here.

  • Long life and wear-resistant
  • Hard and smooth surface
  • High water and humidity resistance stability in the temperature range from -40 ° C to - 50 ° C (-40 ° F + 122 ° F)
  • Water plywood produced with Birch Plywood is easily processed and compatible with finishing materials.
  • It can be produced in different sizes.
  • Custom size can be made.

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The versatility of plywood, ie the perfection of its technical features; played an important role in construction, furniture, and woodwork. And it can be produced in many shapes and sizes as a material. Plywood can be made from softwood or hardwood, and depending on how the plywood is made or treated, it can be particularly suitable for aircraft or marine applications.

Some types of plywood can even be compared with real wood to give a decorative effect.

So if you choose plywood instead of wood for a product you will use for decoration purposes, you will make a more logical choice.

Also, if you want high-strength plywood, we recommend you choose water plywood.

Similarly, water plywood production is also carried out. Water plywood is produced using interlayer WBP glue. This increases the water plywood product's resistance to boiled water and water. As the number of layers increases, the price of water plywood also increases.

Plywood is a laminate material with multiple layers of wood chips stacked on top of each other and glued together. The strength of the laminate is increased by arranging each layer, so the amount of wood can vary and most types of plywood are stronger than an equivalent piece of the same real wood. Plywood is twice as resistant to solidification as regular wood.

The easiest way to understand the strength of plywood is to look at the industries it is used in. The use of plywood in sectors that require serious durabilities such as maritime, construction, and the building is proof of how strong the product is. Therefore, it would be better to use plywood instead of wood. Because plywood is more durable than wood. Water plywood is also a very common type of marine plywood used for marine work.

Sizes, mm (ft)   2500x1250 / 1525x1525 / 1500x3000 / 2000x3000 / 2145x4000
Thickness, mm   3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm
Surface   I (B, S), II (BB), III (CP), IV (C)
Glue   Exterior BFU 100 / WBP İnterior E1
Density   640-700 kg/³


Water plywood is also a type of plywood and is generally used in different field applications such as outdoor applications, boat building, shipbuilding.

It has different names such as marine plywood, water-resistant plywood, water plywood. Like other types of plywood, water plywood can be produced in different thicknesses. Depending on where you will use it, water plywood sizes vary.

  • 6mm water plywood
  • 8mm water plywood
  • 10 mm water plywood
  • 12mm water plywood
  • 15mm water plywood
  • 18mm water plywood
  • 30 mm water plywood

Water plywood sizes you see above can be produced. These dimensions are related to the plywood thickness. As the thickness increases, ie the number of plywood layers increases, plywood prices increase. Accordingly, water plywood prices are also increasing or changing. In other words, 8mm water plywood prices and 12mm water plywood prices are different from each other.

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