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Bayou Plywood, which has a very high international distribution volume among plywood suppliers, aims to offer you the best service. Plywood is structurally the best decoration product. Plywood, which is frequently used in the construction and furniture industry, is sent all over the world by plywood suppliers.

The homeland of plywood in Russia. Birch plywood, one of the best plywood varieties, grows abundantly in Russia and Scandinavian countries. If you are looking for a plywood supplier, all you have to do is contact us.

If you are searching for plywood suppliers near me and birch plywood suppliers near me we are here to serve you 24/7. Also, if you are looking for wholesale plywood suppliers, we are at your service with our widest distribution network.

As Matho Plywood, we have supply warehouses in many countries of the world to provide you with the best service. Whenever you want to buy plywood, we will keep the products ready in our warehouses. We are the closest plywood supplier to you from different countries of the world such as Russia, China, and Brazil, and Turkey.

Plywood is a product obtained by processing many different trees. Therefore, different types of plywood have emerged. Birch plywood, lightweight plywood, thin plywood, birch faced plywood, furniture plywood, softwood plywood, flexible plywood, poplar plywood, pine plywood are just a few of them.

There are many types of plywood divided into two as indoor plywood and outdoor plywood. Indoor plywood, also known as furniture plywood, is frequently used in interior decorations. Besides, birch plywood is among the most used products for outdoor designs.

As plywood suppliers, we can offer you all kinds of plywood products you want. We are at your service with lots of plywood ranges that can be produced in different thicknesses and tailored to your needs. You can choose the most suitable plywood type for your needs by examining our website, which includes birch plywood, which is the most sold plywood type, and numerous more plywood ranges.

Besides, as plywood suppliers uk, we aim to deliver plywood to you in the fastest way possible and we aim to provide you with 100% satisfaction with our customer representatives.

Birch plywood is the most durable product among the plywood ranges. Structurally, it shows superior resistance to water and moisture. Therefore, birch plywood is the most preferred type of plywood. It is frequently used especially in outdoor applications, cladding, boat building. Since it is resistant to water and moisture, it does not crack over time. It does not mold or create a bad odor. If you are looking for birch plywood suppliers near me just contact us and learn more information about plywood prices.

Also, you can see the plywood application areas on our website by clicking the link here.

Phenolic Plywood has antibacterial properties and is one of the most used plywood types in structural applications. Besides, phenolic plywood is one of the most durable plywood types. It is of great importance to use phenolic resin while producing plywood here. Because phenolic resin helps plywood to be structurally more durable. And if you are searching for phenolic plywood suppliers near me just contact us.

Our plywood product range is quite high. We can list the plywood types we supply as follows;

  • Birch plywood
  • Beech plywood
  • Waterproof plywood
  • Marine plywood
  • Pine plywood
  • Poplar plywood
  • Flexible plywood
  • Melamine plywood
  • Softwood plywood
  • Hardwood plywood
  • Bendy plywood

You can contact us for other types of plywood you need.

As Matho Plywood, we can supply plywood all over the world. We are proud to have the best position among plywood suppliers and the fastest distribution network. Which brand is best for plywood? If you ask, you are in the right place. As Matho plywood we are here as marine plywood suppliers, birch plywood suppliers, and phenolic plywood suppliers from different countries.

And if you need wholesale plywood suppliers just contact us. We are giving the best service to you at the best appropriate prices.

As you know, plywood is the most used product in the construction and furniture industry. There are many reasons for this. Because plywood is a very advantageous and beneficial product. It is specially produced against cracking and wear. We can list the advantages of plywood as follows;

  • It is the strongest structural material.
  • It is resistant to bad weather
  • There is a flexible plywood type that can stretch.
  • It is resistant to water and moisture.
  • There is no gap between layers. This maximizes stamina.
  • It is economical.
  • It is light and can be specially produced in desired dimensions.
  • The environment-friendly product.
  • It absorbs moisture quickly and dries quickly.

As you can see, the advantages of plywood are countless. If you want to take advantage of the advantages of the plywood product, all you have to do is contact the plywood suppliers near me.

Plywood delivery is a very easy process. Because Matho Plywood’s delivery network is quite wide. In this way, you will enjoy the happiness of reaching the plywood products you want in the fastest way.

We are;

  • Birch plywood suppliers
  • Marine plywood suppliers
  • Phenolic plywood suppliers
  • Wholesale plywood suppliers


As you can see from the information above, plywood prices vary. So why plywood prices vary. There are the main reasons for this.

  1. As the plywood thickness increases, the price of plywood increases.
  2. As the plywood dimensions increase, the price of plywood increases.
  3. The type of wood used is an important factor in the change of plywood price.
  4. Very water-resistant plywood is more expensive.
  5. The price of plywood from a rare tree is more expensive.

Such factors have different effects on cheap plywood prices. The most durable product you can find among forest products is plywood. Therefore, if you are producing furniture or interested in decoration, you should definitely use plywood building material.

If you contact us, you can find out which plywood is more useful for which sector.

For example, behind the cabinet plywood prices are more suitable. Because it has a thinner structure. Or the price of beech marine plywood is more expensive because it has great resistance to water and moisture.

If you want to have detailed information about the advantageous prices in plywood, please contact Matho as Germany’s top supplier of plywood.

If you want your investment in your sector to be realized with an affordable budget, we recommend you to work with us. Because, we set the prices in this way, by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground. 100% customer satisfaction is always the top priority for us.

Just contact us for the most suitable water contract, plywood, and plywood prices.


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